Let us apply our profound expertise, protect your IT environment and help you address your most critical cybersecurity needs.
Let us apply our profound expertise, protect your IT environment and help you address your most critical cybersecurity needs.
The right services for your security needs
DCsolution integrates industry standards and best practices to help organizations manage their cybersecurity risks. Our portfolio of cyber security solutions consists of a variety of services designed to manage all cyber security threats your organization may face.

Web and Application Security

Cloud Web Application Firewalls (WAF)
A Cloud Web Application Firewall is a security solution that protects web applications from attacks and filters potentially malicious network traffic. Unlike traditional firewalls, cloud firewalls are hosted in the cloud.

  • Cover all software security threats from OWASP’s list and beyond
  • Cloud firewalls scale up rapidly to handle more traffic
  • A cost-effective solution as you don’t have to pay for maintenance, hardware, and software upgrades
Bot Management
Bot Management solution analyzes behavior, detects anomalies in your Internet traffic, and stops bad bots from abusing your web resources. This involves distinguishing bots from real people, separating bad bots from good bots, and preventing networks from being overwhelmed by unwanted bot traffic.

  • Easy deployment of a solution without complex configuration or maintenance
  • Deliver low-latency bot protection that does not impact page load performance
  • Detect risky bot traffic in real-time and apply automatic measures against malicious actors before they cause harm
DDoS Protection
DDoS Protection service detects and blocks malicious traffic to ensure your websites are always available. Using scrubbing centers worldwide, the service recognizes incoming DDoS attacks and re-routes the suspicious traffic before it can affect your customers' experience.

  • Accurately distinguish legitimate traffic from malicious one, increasing service availability
  • Comprehensive protection against a wide range of attacks
  • Automotive always-on protection, that immediately mitigates the detected attack without manual intervention
API Security
API security is the process of protecting API endpoints from attacks, that would maliciously use or exploit an API to steal sensitive data or disrupt services. Insecure API can be an easy target for hackers to gain access to in-house networks.

  • Improve API performance and enhance the end-user experience
  • Limit access over APIs by requiring both users and devices to undergo authorization
  • Controlling access can prevent attackers from penetrating your network and compromising APIs
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
ZTNA solution grants secure access to internal applications for remote users through a secure, encrypted tunnel. This provides an added layer of protection to your network as IP addresses in this case are never exposed to the public internet – that makes your network invisible to cybercriminals browsing for vulnerabilities.

  • Authenticate users through the global network across 270 locations with 100% SLA uptime
  • Move away from outdated VPN technologies and apply a modern ZTNA solution that overcomes performance bottlenecks and simplifies management
  • Integrated endpoint visibility, ongoing inspection, and advanced protection to minimize the attack surface
Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Static Application Security Testing (SAST) is a tool, which scans source code, identifies the root cause of vulnerabilities, and helps fix security flaws. The tool reduces security risks by providing immediate feedback on the vulnerabilities during the earliest stages of the development lifecycle. In addition, the solution allows you to visualize your code in flowcharts to better understand the data flow and give a clear picture of what needs to be fixed and how.

  • Support of multiple programming languages (over 20)
  • Integration with virtually every IDE, CI server, and source code management (SCM) platform
  • Low rates of false positives
  • Total visibility into your code health

Cloud and Operations Security

Cloud Workload Protection
It is a security tool that detects and removes threats inside cloud software. The system performs a vulnerability assessment of workloads that exist within an organization’s cloud-based deployments to identify and fix any potentially exploitable security issues.

  • Constantly monitor workload and container events
  • Secure your entire cloud-native stack
  • Address the security threats without sacrificing performance
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability management is the tool that helps organizations identify, assess, prioritize, and track vulnerabilities from discovery to remediation. It helps developers monitor vulnerabilities found in thousands of third-party libraries in near real-time, enabling them to evaluate and select the best practices to fix them.

  • Easy to integrate into organizations’ software development pipelines
  • Create the framework for a quicker and more efficient reaction to threats
  • Boost operational efficiency and reduce manual workflow

Digital Identity and Authorization

Identity Management (IDM)
This technology provides centralized security control over permissions across multi-cloud environments and protects data from unauthorized access. IAM from DCsolution uses a combination of technologies to streamline and strengthen IT defenses.

  • Offer only one set of credentials to remember
  • Ensure compliance with common industry standards
  • Get the full picture of user activity
Privileged Access Management (РАМ)
PAM is a system that securely handles the accounts of users who have access to sensitive data. This tool helps mitigate the risk of misuse of those credentials and provides the control that allows you to give and revoke access to whomever you wish.

  • Monitor privileged identities to overcome the threats arising from shared credentials
  • Automotive control access and increased employees' productivity
  • The full-featured solution provides quick setup, simple configuration, and an intuitive user interface
Benefits of  choosing cyber security services from DCsolution
24/7 proactive protection
With constant monitoring and quick response to any security threat, you can solely focus on your business and leave your IT security to us.
Right solution for your project
Our security experts will personally help you choose a top rated solution to address your most critical cybersecurity needs.
Customized cyber security
Build a personalized protection plan, set up specific rules, and integrate different metrics to suit your unique requirements.
Reduce risk and save money
DCsolution can help improve safety and manage potential security risks before they lead to costly incidents and financial loss.
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