Cloud costs optimization

Save on your cloud spend without compromising your customers' digital experience.
Cloud costs optimization
Save on your cloud spend without compromising your customers' digital experience.
DCsolution service is an automated Reserved Instance Management tool that guarantees you pay the maximum discounted rate (60% off) for any compute resource.
  • You’ve already got recommendations relevant to your project – so what?
  • Automated Management tool will not only save your costs but also free up the time of your team for more important tasks. Guaranteed money back if it doesn't happen.
AWS Cloud cost optimization service
Are you an AWS customer? If so, the AI-driven service of Cloud Cost Optimization helps manage the cloud costs in real-time and save your money in automated mode even when your team is sleeping.
  • The service has been in the market for a very long time and has proven to be the best for hundreds of customers worldwide.
  • You keep paying to AWS – nothing changes here. The application of RI binds you for only a predetermined period (1 month or more), so there is no long-term commitment.
  • The service is based on an algorithm that automatically 24/7 analyzes and predicts the behavior of the AWS reserved instances (RIs) exchange until it finds the most efficient offer at the best possible price at just the right time.
  • RIs function like coupons. As it is a concept of prepaid or locked duration, it is cheaper than pay-as-you-go and greatly reduces costs. The use of coupons allows you to instantly start saving 30 to 90% over the list price.
  • Automate the entire RI exchange process with the click of a button and save countless hours of manual monitoring.
  • Payment for the service: we charge only 25% of the saved cost.

Pricing models for EC2

Choose our Reserved Instance Buyback Guarantee which has the best features of the two models - the scalability of the On-demand model and a significant cost reduction of the RI model.

On-Demand pricing
  • Scale up capacity as needed
  • For businesses with spikes in traffic or busy seasons
  • Higher per-hour price with no long-term commitments
Reserved Instances
  • Reduce cloud costs by 57%
  • Suitable for steady-state loads and long-running systems
  • Purchase RIs for one or three years
  • No long-term commitments
  • Reduce cloud costs by 60%
  • Even if you have already bought a Saving Plan from AWS, there's nothing stopping you from seeing how DCsolution can maximize the savings by increasing your commitment coverage, as the DCsolution service is a complementary tool for cost optimization.
  • The setup of the trial will take up to 1 hour. We can run a demo on your current AWS account available in read-only mode and you will instantly find out how much you could save up already.
Service of Auto-Scaling for EBS
DCsolution provides a solution to automatically adjust EBS volumes to handle your application's load at the lowest possible cost.

How Auto-Scaling works?

When the demand for cloud storage increases, Auto Scaling automatically adds volumes to fulfill the needed workload capacity or alternatively removes them to ensure optimal disk utilization.
Automatically scale the cluster size and ensure that there is enough computing power to support your application.
Volumes are automatically added or removed to save engineering teams from tedious manual capacity adjustments.
All operations are performed in real-time seamlessly to the running application and have no negative impact on performance.
Scaling provides a performance boost, ensuring your system operates at your required performance levels.
Reduce EBS spending by up to 90%. Optimize your Cost-efficiency and don’t pay for provisioned storage that remains idle and wasted.
Continuously monitor and manage EBS volumes to avoid the situation of “EBS Failure” (disk running out of space).

Why Cloud Cost Optimization?

DCsolution grabs the most lucrative discounts for our clients in the AWS RI Marketplace without utilizing 3-year commitments.
DCsolution bill is based on a percentage of what we have saved for our customers.
DCsolution pricing model is purely success based, so if we don’t save you anything we don’t get paid either.
  • No long configuration and deployments: 5-minute onboarding process
  • Zero efforts from the engineering team are needed!
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