Unlock the true forces of innovative capabilities of your network with a team of hands-on experts, passionate about the delivery of client-focused IT solutions.
Unlock the true forces of innovative capabilities of your network with a team of hands-on experts, passionate about the delivery of client-focused IT solutions.

Our Case Studies

We collaborate with numerous clients globally, assisting startups, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations, in attaining their business objectives through the development and enhancement of their digital systems. Here are a few success stories that we are eager to share with you.


Customer: Major European online game dev company and publisher.

Customer has a few offices in EU and Cyprus. Customer produces games for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Mac OS, Linux and Android platforms.

Challenge: Coping with unpredictable network costs and traffic demands customer’s four most popular games – currently have more than 40M players WW. These massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) feature major updates every 2-3 months, which bring new content to the games, such as new vehicles, textures and maps.

Solution: Seamless global Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides the customer with seamless, secure content delivery around the world thanks to its global footprint. It is highly and rapidly scalable to cope with unexpected peaks in demand. Because of its high quality and reliable performance, DCsolution became the main partner-provider, carrying ~ 50% of traffic.

“Issues with content delivery can affect player loyalty, as users expect to access new features as soon as they’re available.” – CTO.

Trading platform

Customer: A fast-growing, global trading platform - one of the world’s fastest-growing online trading platforms. Since it began in 2014, it has expanded rapidly and now has more than 40 million members, and sees more than a million trades each day.

Challenge: An inefficient approach with the on-prem servers - regular upgrades of servers were needed. High latency between the trading platform and end-customers.

Solution: Moving on dedicated bare metal machines in IBM Cloud allowed us to reduce IT budget and improve latency for AI-powered financial platform. Addressing the needs of millions individuals and corporate clients.

“We’ve been working with DCsolution for a couple of years now and there haven’t been any major incidents, which is important for the reliable delivery of the services to our clients” - Network Team Lead.


Customer: FinTech company, international currency broker.

Challenge: Finding the right performance, security, and development partner for an international open trading platform.

Solution: DCsolution helps to the customer anticipate and mitigate sophisticated attacks while strengthening their overall security posture. With zero trust solution, offered by DCsolution the customer can connect and secure their users and data while deflecting ransomware attempts, phishing, zero-day vulnerability exploits. Layer 7 security tools further secure the customer websites and online apps.

“DCsolution makes us proactive rather than reactive — we can take a long-term strategic approach to security while remaining nimble and able to react to sudden threats. That keeps our clients' money and information safe.” Head of Digital IT Ops.


Customer: Sports betting company in Limassol, Cyprus.

Challenge: Downtimes, latency, weak SLA of hosting provider. There was a need for a reliable supplier with a strong SLA for DR that would allow the business to grow in APAC.

Solution: One of the lead cloud provider was proposed, the servers and network capabilities of which corresponded to the business needs of the customer. Servers configurations were selected, fully supported the PoC. The metrics taken from the test results allowed the customer to start deploying the DR infrastructure from new cloud provider.


Customer: Internet Service Provider in CIS.

Challenge: Custom routes with low latency channels were needed for end-customer.

Solution: Networking. For the customer, an analysis of the market of the largest telecom operators was carried out. KMZ maps, routes, RTD, SLAs were worked out. As a result, 2X operators were recommended that meet the requirements of customer.


Customer: Global e-commerce platform.

Challenge: Create DevOps workflow. CI for ADF, Power BI. Build proper production environment.

Solution: Professional Services. Automation of deployment of new features allowed to decrease time to market for new functionality a few times comparing to manual deployment. Integrated suite of autotests increased reliability and accuracy of reporting and analytical data.

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